the new frontier

Logo Identity

Disruptive managament that is tranformative.

The consulting and training company that helps companies clarify and effectively implement their transformation strategy.

An agile and responsive organization, Merakin is composed of independent consultants with specific and complementary expertise, competent in many sectors of activity and for any size of the company. We cover all functions: from strategic governance to support functions, through commercial or production organizations, and also innovation or human resources.”

Founder and Consultant, Cecile Rayssiguier invited me to explore the Merakin logo identity. To best encapsulate Merakin’s vision, the logo identity had to be simple with character to make it unique. Merakin’s pillars and brand positioning is defined as “systemic, adaptable, collaborative and concrete.” The identity needed a subtle hint of dynamism whilst primarily giving a sense of stability, trust and clarity.