Series: Lessons From My 3 Year Old Son.

So I’m trying to put my son to sleep for his afternoon nap, but he has other ideas. As soon as we go into his room, he launches himself up and on to the bed. At least one of us was having fun right? As I am watching him, he goes on for 45mins, stopping only to pause for a breath every 5mins. This taught me something valuable about life and success.

You might be at a place where you know exactly what you want to achieve. Your goals are abundantly clear with no confusion as to what the roadmap is. You might even have the goals segmented into long-term and short-term achievements. This is all great! However, what we often forget to do is take a breath. We have to always remind ourselves that:

“the vision is for a time, not today.”

If, once in a while, we don’t stop and pause to take a breath, we could easily miss out on the valuable lessons that could be learnt. Taking some time to breathe doesn’t mean we are failures or that we have lost focus. We need moments of appreciating the journey itself. The success that we have already achieved. Doing this prepares our mental frame to see and acknowledge obstacles and challenges as opportunities — rather than our doom. Worse off, if we don’t take time to breathe, we can wear ourselves out and thus become obsolete for the remainder of the journey.

So remember; enjoy the process. Take A Breath: The Journey To Success.