This past weekend my daughter was singing this fun colour song. It goes a little something like this: “I like red, I like red, I like red, apples are red.” The object being, at the end of each ‘I like [colour]’, you name or identify something that has the same colour.

And so it was — she landed on brown. Immediately, as she chose that colour for her rendition, I was curious to know what her cadence would be. The soprano went on:

“I like brown, I like brown, I like brown, Daddy is brown.”

As those words echoed in me, I had this euphoric moment — a quasi cocktail between intense joy and deep gratitude.

You see the object of negative ‘People Branding‘, as we so coined it in my previous article here, is to strip people of their authentic identity and give them some demeaning version. It’s very much reminiscent of the process of colonial rule.

Children are unadulterated in many ways, so there is a great deal of innocence and purity in their thinking. As they grow, our society can either condition them to some school master’s delinquent mindset — which has no bearings to their true self. Or we can guide them to the wonderful and harmonious palette — that is humanity.