We live in a convoluted world. Every brand is fighting for consumer attention. The drive, need for speed and efficiency is ever increasing. In other news, the digital scape and social platforms are now the staple for brand reach. So how can brands go beyond survival to interaction, whilst helping their audience remember them?

Well, there is creating and leveraging brand experience, CRM, and all the rest. But in this very short piece, I offer a much less considered solution — visual design systems. We as humans are conditioned to and inherently work with patterns, structure and order. Even when we claim to think “outside the box”, when we look intently, we will find that we actually have some sort of pattern, structure and order.

With this in mind, for branding campaigns to be truly successful and most importantly memorable, they need to be built on visual design systems. A visual design system is essentially the framework or compass to inform nearly every visual design decision. It helps a brand think, build and deliver consistently. In the next article, I will define the visual design system and point to how you can create one for your brand.