In this article we will briefly discuss startup brand storytelling and why it’s important for your startup.

The age of market domination by product features and low prices is almost non-existent. Innovation and access to technology is becoming cheaper and easier. Startup brands need to be and communicate authenticity now more than ever.

Whatever your product offers, can be replicated quickly and cheaper in a shorter space of time. Instead of focusing on what makes your product functional, start thinking about defining and communicating why it exists in the first place. This means actually having concrete values, following them through action and not just caring about profits. Brands that have done this with integrity have seen up to 50% more earnings.

Genuine brand storytelling is not new thinking at all. In fact, some of the world’s greatest brands we know and love today, have long been sharing their stories more than their features. Protesters have changed policies and captured the world’s attention — driven by strong conviction and purpose. All because humans connect with humans. Not features and specs.

Startup brand storytelling is becoming the new craze. With some marketers forging stories in an attempt to win the hearts of audiences. This is incredibly dangerous. Sooner or later you will be exposed and this will hurt your brand more than strengthen it.

True value and a deep connection with your audience, will come when you reach deep within and genuinely ask yourself why you exist. Why should your audience care about the solution you are proposing?