You have heard it, like a mantra for success — those words echo and replay, particularly in the hearts of introverts, “Fake it, till you make it.” Deep within in us, is the desire to succeed, to achieve, to build and to create. We all want to live with purpose and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Motivational speakers, with all the best intentions, have so loosely encouraged, “fake it”. Now as the world awakes and realises that true visibility comes from authenticity, I say “Don’t fake it — Be Authentic.”

Be genuine and honest, then courage and true value will be realised.

Authenticity is defined; “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.” In other words, there is no absolute copy of you out there — be the original. Be true to what makes you unique and confidence will come. Be genuine and honest, then courage and true value will be realised. The world is tired of copies, it was never meant to be subjected to.

No brand is like your origin, don’t fake it — reach within and find authenticity and put that on display. If people subscribe — well, if not, they were never meant to anyway.

We are all attracted to confidence and charisma, and we all aspire for the same. However, what we miss is that genuinely confident people (those who are not faking it), are confident because they know who they are. They are not trying to be anything, to please anyone. Even on our best performance, there will arise but one critic.

Be honest. Be true. Be authentic.