African branding services

Understand your African brand. Communicate clearly.

1.brand strategy

This is the most important stage of your branding process. Together we work to unearth your brand essence which includes; your character, personality, goals, values, unique value proposition and more. We then use this information, to identify your ideal audience and shape your brand position in the market place.

brand character, brand personality, brand value proposition, brand position, brand channels, customer segmentation, competitive analysis and more...

"Never before have I been brought to tears by someone describing their design decisions."

Nessa Darcy | Workshop Coordinator | Discovery

2.brand messaging

Your brand messaging is how you speak to your audience. Your choice of words and the tone you use to say it. Getting it right, will immediately create common ground. This means your audience will understand you and connect with your brand better.

brand story, company, brand or product naming, tagline, mission statement, advertising messaging and more...

"John’s skill towards branding, research and concept building are truly unique and helped us in rebranding the company logo, tagline and other stationery."

Jay Chandra | Director | Marc Solutions

3.brand identity

With a carefully crafted brand strategy and clear brand messaging, you can bring your branding full circle and maintain consistency, with a thoughtful and well designed visual identity system.

visual identity system, logo design, ui design, website design, brand film, print design, packaging design and more...

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